Looc Central Elementary School


Brief History 


Turning back the pages of history to the American Occupation Period, on June 8. 1914, the newly constructed Gabaldon Building near the seashore of Looc Bay was duly inaugurated. This building was constructed from the funds obtained from the appropriation of the Gabaldon Law passed by the National Assembly. On November 21, 1925, under the initiative of Mr. Armancio Roca, then Supervising Teacher for Looc managed the first district meet between Looc and Odiongan. On June 10, 1918, under the joint leadership of Mr. Victoriano Clemente the Municipal President, and Don Ignacio Tirol, the prominent element of the community, were able to construct a one-room building to accommodate the first grade five class ever recognized in Looc, Romblon which was then a sub-province of Capiz, was made into a regular province.


The Filipino flag was first hosted at 9:00 in the morning of November 9, 1919 at the Municipal building. In 1920, Andres Martinez donated 43, 937 square meter lot where the school was constructed. On June 12, 1921, Looc Elementary School succeeded in organizing a complete elementary school. Within the school site are the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Building, Third Elementary education Project (TEEP) Building with adjoining office rooms and three (3) comfort rooms, two (2) Marcos Type Building, Bagong Lipunan Building TEEP repaired, Gabaldon School Canteen, Preschool, Home Economics, Library Hub Building, and DEPED-DPWH Building. With these are the two study sheds a school stage, a lounge counter, and a separate toilet outside the main buildings. Each classroom is provided with functional comfort room. In 2014, the construction of School Covered Court started and finished in the year 2022. In 2028, the Looc Central Elementary School was granted a Government Recognition for Special Education (SPED) Builiding was constructed. In 2021, handwashing of every learner due to the 2019 pandemic outbreak.


We cannot count the number of graduates from this school, who rose and made excellent names around the Philippines and abroad. Foremost Alumni of Looc Central Elementary School are topnotcher, Mr. Johnny Fernandez Ang of Batch ’94 and Dr. Eileen Pelayo Famatiga of Batch ’91 who ranked 3rd place in Destistry Licensure Examination in December 2006 and Miss Iah Seraspi who ranked 2nd in Licensure Examination for Teacher.