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     Nestled on the southwestern coast of Tablas Island is a hidden treasure of lush hills surrounding a flourishing bay. With excellent location and only two hours boat ride away from the world’s famous Boracay Island, Looc makes a perfect get away paradise for those tourists looking for untouched natural destination and a peaceful community. Among many attractions draw adventures of all kinds, it is the revered bay that has put the Municipality of Looc on the tourism map of the Philippines. 

     With the full support of LGU Looc spearheaded by Municipal Tourism Office in coordination with the Coastal Resource Management Office and Bantay Dagat Volunteers, the Looc Marine and Refuge Sanctuary better known as Looc Fish Sanctuary (LFS) became the primer tourist destination in Looc. Major facilities and equipments were established enable to improve and boost the activities in LFS namely: newly-improved Tourism Office, floating kiosk, tourist pumpboat, lifevest, diving gear, kayak and others.

Looc Marine Refuge and Sanctuary
Fish Sanctuary 2
Looc Marine Refuge and Sanctuary 3
Looc Fish Sanctuary
Fish Sanctuary 5
Looc Marine Refuge and Sanctuary 2


      The Looc Fish Sanctuary and Buenavista Sanctuary which is located at the center of the bay and western portion of Buenavista respectively offer array of activities from swimming, snorkeling to sailing. The sanctuaries are fantastic places to swim with schools of colorful fishes, various species of giant clams and diverse species of soft and hard corals and sea grass among others. Sometimes sharks, manta rays, dolphins and marine turtles are spotted within the fish sanctuaries and Looc Bay. Visitors can relax and enjoy picnic on the floating deck in Looc Bay and the islet in Buenavista. The richness of bio-diversity and marine life of the two sanctuaries are direct result of the Local Government of Looc continued commitment on marine protections, safe fishing methods and cleanliness of the coastal waters.

Buenavista Fish Sanctuary
buenavista fish sanctuary
buenavista fish sanctuary


      At present, the development of Buenavista Fish Sanctuary is one of the top priorities of LGU Looc enable to boosts its capability to be an alternative destination to local and foreign tourists because of its beauty from the islet to crystal clear water and diversed marine species.

Puro Islet and Marine Sanctuary


Guinpasilan Islet

Guinpasilan Islet: A Hidden Gem in Agojo, Looc, Romblon

Nestled off the coast of the charming town of Agojo in Looc, Romblon, Guinpasilan Islet stands as a hidden gem awaiting discovery by intrepid travelers. This idyllic island, located in the Philippines, offers visitors a breathtaking retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, showcasing the beauty of nature in its purest form.